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Why Nourish Knoxville Farmers’ Markets are the Best

April 24, 2023

Why Nourish Knoxville Farmers’ Market is the best: Markets Based off Season, Nourish Kids, and Local Food Guides

Markets Based off Season

Nourish Knoxville hosts three different farmers’ markets. Firstly, they hold the Market Square Farmers’ Market from May 3rd – November 15th every Wednesday and May 6th – November 18th on Saturdays. Another farmers’ market that Nourish holds is the New Harvest Farmers’ Market on Thursdays April 20th – September 28th. Lastly, the Winter Farmers’ Market is held on Saturdays from December 3rd through the 17th and from January 21st- March 25th.

Since all vendors bring their own produce, the products will vary because of seasonality.

Nourish Kids

Nourish Knoxville offers a program for children to engage in the local food system called Nourish Kids. They participate in educational games and demonstrations and exposure to new locally grown foods. In addition, the kids will create positive associations with fruits and vegetables, build relationships with farmers, develop budgeting skills, and begin to influence their local food economy.

In addition, The Nourish Kids program is free to kids aged 2-12. Kids get to enjoy a fun activity and sample locally grown produce with the Nourish Kids program, which also includes $5 in produce bucks to spend at the market. For event details, visit the Nourish Farmers Market website.

Local Food Guides

Nourish Knoxville provides a guide to finding local food near you. Through this guide, you are provided a list of local vendors in Knoxville and surrounding cities in the Tennessee region. Also, you will receive their product’s contact information and description or storefront. Make sure to check out the Nourish Knoxville website to see the complete list of recommended local vendors!

In addition, you are able to connect directly with farms and search for specific farms, markets, and local products by using an online form.

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Go Check Them Out

Overall, Nourish Knoxville provides seasonal farmers’ markets. They offer a program for children, a local food guide, and much more that we didn’t talk about. Nourish Knoxville hosts seasonal farmers’ markets, a kids’ program, and a local food guide, among other offerings. Visit their website to learn more and get involved through volunteering or becoming a nonprofit partner. Take the first step and make a difference!

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