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Top Three Breweries to watch sports in Knoxville

Front of Woodruff’s Downtown Grill and Brewery

The Top Three Breweries to watch sports in Knoxville, TN

Picture this. There is a huge rivalry Tennessee sports game this afternoon and you know you don’t want to watch the game at home, but don’t know what places will have the atmosphere for the big game. Luckily, we have the solutions for you. Here are the top three breweries in Knoxville, Tennessee to have the lively atmosphere for a big sports game. 

Yee-Haw Brewing

Starting off strong, we have the newly opened Yee-Haw Brewing. It was opened in February of 2023 and has already taken Knoxville by storm. It has live music, all the beers on tap you can think of, including their own Yee-Haw beer, as well as jumbo screens to watch the game. Yee-Haw has made a name for itself by advertising their unique atmosphere that has not been seen before in the Knoxville area. They have plenty of indoor seating, but on the nice days, Yee-Haw offers a big outdoor area to socialize and watch the games you want to see most. Since there may be chilly fall nights when watching a football game here, you can grab a WearKnox beanie to keep warm.

Hi-Wire Brewing

Next, we have Hi-Wire brewing. Hi-Wire is your local brewery that specializes in a more relaxed atmosphere for people to watch the game. Hi-Wire prides themselves on bringing people together to watch the UT games and people sharing the love of local craft beer. Their motto is “an environment where you have the freedom to choose, discover, and simply be. Even our branding follows these values — simple and straightforward.” You can relax and not have the pressure of being outgoing, it’s a win-win. However, Hi-Wire also brings a crazy atmosphere with their two outdoor spaces to choose from on those beautiful game days. To learn more about this brewery, visit Hi-Wire brewery

Woodruff’s Downtown Grill and Brewery

Lastly, we have Woodruff’s Downtown Grill and Brewery. Woodruff’s is located right in the center of downtown on historic Gay Street. The brewery brings guests back in time to remember historical Knoxville. If you are looking to grab dinner and watch the game with friends this is the perfect place for you. Woodruff’s has a wide variety of different foods and craft beers. The variety of food at Woodruff’s will definitely please everyone’s stomach. 

All in all, you can never go wrong with any brewery in Knoxville, TN because of all their unique atmosphere, but I am sure that you will enjoy yourself at the top three breweries to watch sports in Knoxville.

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