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The New Haslam Business Building: Everything You Need to Know

The New Haslam Building

The University of Tennessee Knoxville has just approved a project to build a new Haslam business building right in the heart of campus, so here is the inside scoop on what to expect a all things relating to the project.

The What

The building will feature 240,000+ Square Feet, 5 Floors, 16 classrooms, 2 300 person lecture halls, 3 Research Laboratories, 1 Food Service Venue. In total it will service 10,000+ students, faculty, staff, and guests weekly. You can find all amenities at: https://haslam.utk.edu/future/.

The When

The project aims to start demolition as early as the end of spring 2024 and anticipates completion by 2027.

The Where

Plans are underway to construct the new building across Volunteer Boulevard, replacing the current Dunson, Greve, and Henson Halls.

The Why

The Haslam College of Business has experienced tons of growth the past 10 years, and it is home to four of the eight most popular majors at the University of Tennessee and has an impressive retention rate of 93.5%. The Haslam College of Business ranked #25 in public undergraduate business programs. It also has the best supply chain graduate program in the country among public universities.

How Much

This project will require a total expenditure of 227 million dollars, with funding coming from three separate avenues. The university will receive approximately 100 million dollars in gifts, 83 million dollars in state appropriations, and institutional funds will provide the remaining 44 million dollars.

What to Expect

Expect excellence, the university will not do anything that isn’t done right and they are not proud of. That being said, expect delays, construction almost never goes exactly as planned nor does it stick to an exact timeline so whether it be delays in traffic or in the building getting finished, furnished, and open, expect it to be done right.

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