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Tennessee Alumni Gifts

Tennessee Alumni are a vital part of our institution. They add value through their success in their careers, Gifts, volunteering, recruiting, and much more. It is important to acknowledge these contributions and continue to build a relationship with these individuals. Picking out gifts for someone is always stressful, we are here to guide you through it.

Amazon Giftcard

Have you ever gotten a gift card for someone and come to the realization that they will never use it? Getting an amazon gift card for an alumnus is never going to put you in that position. Amazon has everything from kitchen tools to apparel. Getting an Amazon gift card gives the alumni the option to get what they need/want. If they want to get something for their career, they, have it. For example, they can get themselves a business card holder. If they want nice business casual clothes for their line of work, they also have it. Below I have made links of popular alumni gifts on amazon in case you don’t want to give a gift card. 

Business Card Holder 

Bluetooth Speaker

Leather Briefcase


Head Phones

HelloFresh Subscription

The most difficult part about finding a good gift is being creative, and not just giving another closet throw away present. With that being said, who doesn’t want to try new and exciting food and recipes? I have found the PERFECT gift for recent Alumni graduates. HelloFresh is an economically friendly and relatively new meal-kit service based out of Germany. It gives you the chance to explore hundreds of different foods and recipes that you would never have had the idea to try. Everybody loves food and this gift is an exact fit for recent alumni. HelloFresh gives you the chance to either start your cooking journey and or just simply broaden their food pallet and enjoy new and exciting food.

WearKnox T-Shirt

WearKnox sells Knoxville related t-shirts, bags, mugs, and more. This is a perfect gift for Tennessee alumni because all proceeds go to a local non-profit called United Way of Greater Knoxville. This organization funds local programs that focus on Health, Education, and Financial Stability. These Tennessee alumni gifts is not only related to Knoxville and UT pride. It also helps support the community and the people in it.


The best way to show your Tennessee pride is by attending one of the many sporting events happening weekly on campus. For all our supporting Tennessee alumni we are gifting them a free beer and hot dog voucher, redeemable at any participating Tennessee sporting event vendor. After entering the stadium we know that prices can sometimes be less than ideal, so this is one small way we can show our gratitude for the alumni’s continued support. 

By giving our Tennessee alumni gifts we are not only thanking them for their educational donations, we are also encouraging them to continue to show support for Volunteer athletics. Sports teams are a vital part of the campus culture and atmosphere. The more support and funding they receive, the more the teams and campus will thrive.

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