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New Year, New UT Coach, Your Same Favorite Knoxville Team

What’s the Buzz?

Have you heard? All the talk around Knoxville, and the entire state of Tennessee, is about the University of Tennessee’s new football head coach, Josh Heupel! Students, fans, and players all have high hopes for what’s to come in UT’s football future! Heupel is extremely qualified and is determined to get the VOLS back on track to winning another National Championship. In addition, Coach Heupel is hiring many assistant coaches to help the University of Tennessee’s football team accomplish this goal. This new UT Knoxville coach is determined to bring this football program back on top!

New UT Knoxville Coach Story!

After playing quarterback at the University of Oklahoma, having multiple assistant coaching jobs, and being the head coach of the University of Central Florida, Heupel was hired as the official new head coach at UT on January 27, 2021. To add to his successes, Heupel’s overall record at UCF is 28-8. The VOLS have been struggling with their football program for years now and want to finally win a championship game. After the 2020 football season, UT fans definitely felt the need for change in the program. Pruitt just so happened to be fired due to illegal recruiting after that season. This led to a search for a new head coach, and Josh Heupel seemed to be the perfect match!

Let’s Represent!

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