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Hollywood of the South? Movies shot in Knoxville

While many movies these days are made with green screens and CGI, some are still shot at various locations around the world. Here at Wearknox, we wanted to turn the spotlight and celebrate some of the best movies shot in Knoxville!

October Sky

Jake Gyllenhaal reaches for the stars in rural Tennessee

Most notably, the touching drama October Sky staring Jake Gyllenhaal was filmed in the rural parts of Knoxville and eastern Tennessee. This movie is based on the true story and memoir of Homer Hickman. Hickman was the son of a coal minor with aspirations of growing up to do something more impactful. Inspired by the launch of the Russian spacecraft “the Sputnik”, he began studying rocketry and aerospace engineering. Against all odds, Hickman made it out of his small town and became a NASA Space Engineer.

The Last Movie Star

Neyland Stadium shines bright on Screen!

Next on the list of movies shot in Knoxville is The Last Movie Star by the prestigious A24 studios. In this film, we see Burt Reynolds play an old movie star retracing his steps and reliving his glory days. The movie has a plot point where Reynolds’ character wants to go see the college where he used to play football. This results in multiple scenes of him and Ariel Winters walking around the UTK campus and even inside Neyland Stadium!

Banking of Christmas

Love flourishes in Downtown Knoxville

Finally, perhaps a lesser known example is the heartwarming Hallmark style Christmas movie: Banking on Christmas. This film follows the story of a mechanic and a bank employee that don’t get along. However, through a wild set of circumstances, they are forced to spend Christmas together locked in a bank vault. The movie has numerous shots filmed right in downtown Knoxville and perfectly captures the romantic feeling of walking through Knoxville’s market square during the Holiday season.

From live sports to great food to amazing scenery, Knoxville seems to have so many wonderful things about it. Therefore, it is no surprise that our amazing city also has deep roots in pop culture and cinematic history.

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