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Knoxville Food Hall, Marble City Market: A Dining Destination

Marble City Market, a Knoxville food hall located in Historic Regas Square, is the latest addition to the city’s food scene. Featuring 11 food concepts from all over the world, 2 Top Golf Swing Suite Simulators, and approximately 250 outdoor dining seats, this 15,000 square foot food hall has something for everyone! If you find yourself hungry in Old City, look no further than Marble City.

Up first: Smash Knoxville

One of the best restaurants in Marble City Market is Smash Knoxville, a place where everyone can find a burger. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, or a carnivore, Smash Knoxville has something to bring to the table for you. What exactly is a smash burger? You probably guessed it – a burger that is smashed down. So why smashed? Smashing the patties down causes a chemical change that caramelizes the patty and leads to maximum juiciness and flavor and the beef is locally farmed right here in Tennessee. Aside from the burger, some other menu items include chicken and veggie smashes, hand cut fries, lettuce wraps and a number of toppings and sauces. Next time you are craving something greasy and delicious, try Smash Knoxville! 

The next Knoxville food hall staple: Penne For Your Thoughts

The next best restaurant at Marble City is Penne for Your Thoughts. You may have seen their food truck around town as it travels daily to various places around Knoxville. Now they have a location in this Knoxville food hall! This food truck featuring Italian American fusion has driven customers crazy with their “punny” menu. Penne for Your Thoughts offers several different dishes ranging from their locally supplied chicken sandwiches to their incredible penne pasta, surely leaving you with a full stomach. They only serve a few items on the menu each day, and rotate the menu throughout the week, so be sure to get there early! 

The final Knoxville food hall feature: Po’ Richards

Finally, the third Marble City restaurant that we consider note-worthy is Po’ Richards. This restaurant features steak and po’ boy sandwiches and chips from New Orleans and Philadelphia. It also has an interesting history – the owners met back in 1983 at Dollywood, where they worked as musicians! Be sure to try the fried shrimp po’ boy with some Zappo’s chips on the side.

Marble City Market is already a big hit with Knoxville residents, and these three restaurants we have talked about are just a few of the eleven that Mable City Market has to offer. Don’t hesitate to head on down to Marble City and taste everything for yourself!

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For more information, visit Marble City’s website here: www.marblecitymarket.com

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