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In Dolly We Trust

A Birthday Wish

This past January, fellow East Tennesseans everywhere celebrated our beloved Dolly Parton’s 75th birthday. Her birthday wish? A call for kindness. For many members of the volunteer state, this hospitality comes naturally. With a yes ma’am and no sir ingrained in our vocabulary, we understand southern charm. Dolly encouraged us all to “work for a brighter day” through our actions. Her mural located in downtown Knoxville is a perfect physical reminder of her wish.

The Queen of East Tennessee

If you’ve visited downtown Knoxville, you might have already come across the large mural located in an alley way off Market Square. Its original artist was Colton Valentine who was only passing through for a weekend from his home in San Antonio. Unfortunately, the original mural was defaced in April of 2020 before it was ever finished. Local artist, Megan Lingerfelt, stepped up to the plate and dedicated countless hours researching archives to restore the artwork. This mural is sure to capture the “East Tennessee queen she really is.”

Just as Valentine and Lingerfelt have given the city of Knoxville this brighter day that Parton is wishing for, WearKnox has a plan that will put the icing on the cake.

Wearknox Supports Dolly’s Birthday Wish

In order to properly celebrate Parton’s birthday, WearKnox has developed several designs in support of her call for kindness. We believe these messages of “Be the Change” and “Kind is Cool” not only encourage others around us to seek out positive opportunities, but create them in her name’s sake.

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