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How Tennessee Became Known As The Volunteer State

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How Tennessee Became Known As The Volunteer State

Just after 15 years of statehood, Tennessee had a big role in sending 1,500 soldiers to the War of 1812. This is where the nickname, the Volunteers came from, but Tennessee did not stop there. The Volunteers nickname became more appropriate when Tennessee was asked for 2,800 soldiers during the Mexican-American War in 1846. Instead of 2,800 soldiers, Tennessee sent over 30,000 that aided in Mexico’s defeat and gain of land for the US. This patriotic spirit is what dubbed Tennessee, the Volunteer State. The “People Help People” t-shirt shows the reputation Tennessee holds!

How We Continue The Volunteer Spirit

The “People Help People” tee is representative of how we view the meaning of community in Tennessee. We see value in helping our community whenever we can. We keep the Volunteer Spirit alive by being active and supporting causes that help our community. By supporting local small businesses, you support your local friends and family. Shop small and support our mission! At WearKnox we have partnered with United Way of Greater Knoxville! This means that half of all proceeds goes to the fight to improve the live’s of others. When you support WearKnox, you are supporting the community! Shop local and support your community!

How United Way Serves The Community

United Way funds programs that relate to Health, Education and Financial Stability for thousands of people in Knoxville. They focus on improving health through programs supporting safe home lives, healthy choices and mental and physical health care. Also, United Way helps youth achieve their full potential by supporting school readiness and ensuring productive and engaged youth. They help people to gain financial independence through employee counseling and helping people find affordable housing.

For more information on getting involved with United Way: https://www.uwgk.org/

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