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Farmers Markets in Knoxville

Market Square

Knoxville has many great things to do in your free time and one of them is going to farmers markets. There are many locations throughout Knoxville that have lots of food, clothes, accessories, etc. They are filled with local businesses and this is a great way to show your support! 

The Market Square Farmers Market is a large, open-air farmers market located in the middle of downtown Knoxville every Wednesday and Saturday. Every vendor featured at the farmers market provides a fresh and local experience with all products being made or grown in East Tennessee. The farmers market has seasonal produce, local meat, bread and baked goods, salsas, artisan crafts, and other fun products. Surrounded by shops and restaurants in Market Square and downtown Knoxville, the Market Square Farmers Market is a lovely place to explore the people, food, shops, and more that Knoxville and East Tennessee has to offer!

Farm Fresh Produce

Farm Fresh Produce is a Farmer’s Market in the Knoxville area. is a Farmer’s Market in the Knoxville area. They sell many of their own produce that they grow on their farm. They have a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Seasonal items such as flower, pumpkins, and Christmas trees are also available. Some of the vegetables that they carry are tomatoes, green peppers, squash, green beans, and cucumbers. In addition, some of the types of fruits that they sell are South Carolina strawberries and peaches. Not only are they a small business, but they also support other small businesses in the Knoxville area. They sell Cruze Farms milk and ice cream, in addition to a large selection of Amish meats. It is open 9-6 Monday through Saturday, so make sure to check them out next time you’re on the hunt for local produce! 

The Dixie Lee Farmers Market

The Dixie Lee Farmers Market is located in the more western areas of Knoxville. The farmers market takes place every Saturday morning, rain or shine, during their season of operation in the summer and fall months. Its mission is to encourage people to have a healthy lifestyle while supporting local commerce. They want to create an easy process for farmers and merchants to sell their products, and they want the market to be a place where communities and neighbors can come together.

Wearknox Tote

Reusable Tote

WearKnox wants to take shopping locally and support the environment one step further. To do so, WearKnox wanted to design a reusable farmers market inspired bag. WearKnox’s farmers market reusable bag can conserve resources, decrease pollution, protect wildlife, enjoy strength and durability, save money, and even repurpose for other uses! Wear Knox’s reusable bag is unique, trendy, and reusable for all your local favorites.

These are just a few of the many farmers markets that Knoxville has to offer. Each one has a large selection of products and lots of seasonal produce to choose from. The experience will be better by using your reusable bags because you know that you are helping the environment as well as supporting your local businesses!

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