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Dress well, test well, & zoom well?

PJs are great, but dress well, test well still applies.

In the age where zooming is booming it is easy to be lazy. We are all guilty of staying in our PJs for too many hours during the day. Growing up I always heard the phrase “dress well, test well.” This blog post is going to unpack how to dress well, test well, and zoom well. 

If you have not heard the phrase “dress well, test well,” well now you have. It is the mindset that the way you dress will boost your confidence, which in return will cause you to perform higher on assignments, tests, and overall academic performance.

Zooming is booming?

Let’s look at the past to see how our this mantra applies. This phrase was ingrained in my work and study habits from a young age and has translated to my college years. Getting up and ready in the morning has allowed me to feel confident. This confidence gave me inner motivation to complete hard assignments or focus on difficult exams. Since moving to an online platform where all class sessions, assignments, and exams are online; the need to get up and get ready has diminished, along with motivation. 

But, regaining motivation is not a lost cause. This is where the “dress well, test well” mantra expands beyond just tests. The mantra can bleed into other areas of our new normal. Rolling out of bed and throwing on the first thing that catches your eye only works for so long … before you begin to grow tired of even yourself. Putting a valiant effort towards elevated at-home-wear can increase your attitude. This effort does not equate to full glam at eight o’clock in the morning. A nice pair of joggers with a crisp t-shirt is just enough. Making small improvements to your overall mood will increase the productivity, attitude, and outlook of your whole day at home. 

So, what TO wear?

You might be saying, “How does WearKnox fit into this post?” WearKnox has a variety of Knoxville merchandise that can be seen and worn while on Zoom. For example, our “Knoxchill” graphic t-shirts are a great way to boost your mood on zoom. This shirt will make the people on the other side of the screen smile too!


Grabbing your favorite WearKnox mug to use while online is just the mood booster you need when working from home. Various WearKnox products are not only designed for wearing out and about in Knoxville, but also while at home. Learning to restructure our lives this past year has not been easy. Let’s all choose to dress well, test well with WearKnox!

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