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Cruze Farm: A Knoxville Staple

Cruze Farm is a family-owned dairy farm in Knoxville, Tennessee. What once was a small dairy farm has now become an integral business in the Knoxville community. Whether you’re looking for fresh milk, unique ice cream flavors, or delicious homemade pizza, Cruze Farm is the place to go.

Cruze Farm’s downtown location is a popular spot for University of Tennessee students to gather and enjoy a delicious treat. So grab your friends, grab your WearKnox hoodie, and enjoy a cone!

Their History:

In April of 1980, Earl and Cheri married, and Cruze Farm got its start. It all started with their dreams to sell their own bottles of milk. A few years after marrying, they constructed a small processing plant where they bottled milk. They sold it to whoever was interested. In 1988, they secured their first real milk account with the local grocers at the Knoxville Food Co-op (now known as Three Rivers Market).

Slowly, Earl and Cheri grew their business. 

In 1992, they opened a scoop shop where they sold hand-dipped ice cream that they churned on the farm. Eight years later, their store had to close and they focused on their pasteurized milk business. 

Colleen joined the team after her graduation from the University of Tennessee. She helped Cruze Farm grow by finding stores who would buy Cruze’s milk. The farm bought a food truck to sell ice cream out of. They soon added a stove so they could sell food as well.

Years later, they now have several brick-and-mortar locations where they sell fresh homemade ice cream, milk, and pizza.

Their Philosophy:

Cruze Farm uses Jersey milk from pastured cows to make the ice cream since it produces the richest milk. Every calf has different needs, and so they are raised on either a nurse cow or a bottle. Cows are given fresh pasture daily and cows are never housed in a barn. There are typically three herds. There is one of lactating cows. There is a larger one that includes dry cows, bred heifers, and nurse cows, and calves. Lastly, there is a herd of young heifers. The cows receive regular vaccination.
Cruze Farm believes in the power of positivity. They believe in the focusing on the positive aspects of their business. This is a good philosophy for the company, so long as they do not ignore the potential threats to their business.

Their Locations:

Cruze Farm has multiple locations all over Tennessee. Whether you are in Knoxville, Sevierville, or Morristown, you can get the authentic taste of Cruze Dairy and Ice Cream. There is a large selection of seasonal ice cream flavors, and milkshake choices. If you can’t get enough of Cruze Farm Dairy, you can even take a pint home with you! In addition to their selection of dairy products, Cruze Farm has implemented its first and only Pizza Barn location in East Knoxville. Choose from an array of specialty pizzas, salads, and breadsticks.

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