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Coffee Shops in Knoxville

Knoxville is notoriously known for their wide range of local businesses- one of them being coffee shops. Whether you are catching up with a friend or solely rejuvenating for the day, here are a few of our favorite shops you have to check out in Knoxville.

Awaken Coffee

Awaken Coffee is a small local coffee shop located in Market Square. Offering handcrafted coffee, tea, and pastries, this quaint shop has all your need. They have a 4.7 star rating on Yelp. Sometimes, they have a deal to show your UT student ID to receive $1 off a coffee purchase. This is a perfect spot to take your Wear Knox mug to get filled up by delicious coffee and take a study break or a walk in Market Square. Be sure to follow them on Facebook to take advantage of their student deals!

Honeybee Coffee Company

Honeybee Coffee Company has four shops around the Knoxville area, including Cafe South, Cafe West, Cafe Sevierville and Old City. This local shop gets their coffee beans from small farms across America to bring their customers better tasting coffee. They offer hot and cold coffee and pastries. Offering drip coffee options for $3 if you bring in your own mug, then sit down and enjoy the free wifi and good atmosphere. 

South Press Coffee

‘50s diner meets ‘90s coffee shop at South Press Coffee. Located on 3715 Chapman highway, South Press is a locally sourced, eco friendly, hand crafted coffee and tea house. Specializing in french press coffee, and custom locally sourced tea tea blends. With quintessential southern hospitality and a creative space, this inclusive space is welcoming to all individuals.

Coffee and Chocolate

Looking for another quaint little watering hole to fill up your Bear Mug? Look no further than Market Square’s Coffee and Chocolate. They serve gourmet chocolates along with their flavored and rich coffees. Feel free to grab a coffee, a few chocolates, a friend, and a bench and there you have yourself a day on the town. For those looking for a pre or post date spot, this place not only has the caffeine we all need but also has a rather large (and delicious) selection of sweets for all you chocolate lovers out there.

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