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The New Haslam Business Building: Everything You Need to Know

The New Haslam Building The University of Tennessee Knoxville has just approved a project to build a new Haslam business building right in the heart of campus, so here is the inside scoop on what to expect a all things relating to the project. The What The building will feature 240,000+ Square Feet, 5 Floors, […]

Best Ways to Exercise on UTK Campus

Run Club There are many opportunities to exercise on UTK campus. The Run club is just one outstanding option. This student-led club is designed to seamlessly integrate exercise into your morning routine, providing a motivating environment alongside your peers. Gatherings take place at 5 pm on Tuesdays and 7 am on Thursdays outside of Calhoun’s, […]

Construction on the new UTK College of Nursing Building.

UTK Construction: The Big Orange Building Boom

Major Construction Projects on the University of Tennessee’s Campus Gives Challenges to Students It can frequently feel like navigating a maze when navigating a college campus’ construction-filled streets and walkways. This especially applies to the University of Tennessee. It is based in the center of Knoxville. Even though development is exciting, the ongoing UTK construction […]

Best Mexican Restaurants in Knoxville

OUR TOP 3 Are you looking for the Best Mexican Restaurants near you? Look no further! Knoxville Tennessee offers a diverse variety of Mexican Cuisine ranging in price, atmosphere, and location. These places can range from high end restaurants to small down to earth family friendly spots.  Below are the three best Mexican restaurants in […]

May Events in Knoxville 

Maifest at Schulz Brau Check out these May events in Knoxville! Celebrate Maifest at Schulz Bräu Brewery! Schulz Bräu is Knoxville’s first German Biergarten located in Old North Knoxville. The Maifest celebration will consist of a multitude of great events over the course of the three day celebration. Knoxville locals can expect a mix of […]

Knoxville’s Best Rooftop Bars

The Ultimate Guide to Knoxville’s Best Rooftop Bars Step into Knoxville’s vibrant nightlife scene as we reveal the city’s most enchanting secret, its trio of rooftop bars that promise breathtaking views, delectable cocktails, and memorable experiences. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, these rooftop bars will redefine your experience in The Marble City. Explore […]

Cruze Farm: A Knoxville Staple

Cruze Farm is a family-owned dairy farm in Knoxville, Tennessee. What once was a small dairy farm has now become an integral business in the Knoxville community. Whether you’re looking for fresh milk, unique ice cream flavors, or delicious homemade pizza, Cruze Farm is the place to go. Cruze Farm’s downtown location is a popular […]

Haunted Knoxville: Ghost Stories from the City’s Past

Get ready for the Haunted Knoxville Ghost Stories in Knoxville, Tennessee! We’ll explore Knoxville’s ghost stories and history as night falls. Discover haunted places and eerie legends that draw ghost hunters and history fans to the city. Haunted Hotspots in the Old City Historic Old City in Knoxville is a neighborhood full of history and […]

Find your Third Place: Knoxville’s Restaurant Patios

As the spring season approaches, sitting outside becomes more popular to get your vitamin D fix and enjoy a meal. Knoxville’s restaurant patios are found from downtown to West Knox so wherever you are located in Knoxville you can find a patio close to you. These Knoxville restaurant patios listed have great atmospheres, excellent food, […]

Top Family Activities in Knoxville: Exploring Tennessee

Within the city of Knoxville, there are numerous family-friendly activities that blend history, culture, and nature. From vibrant downtown spots to educational adventures, there’s something for everyone in this charming city. Here are three family activities in Knoxville for a memorable family adventure.  Downtown Knoxville  Downtown Knoxville is the centerpiece of excitement and culture, perfect […]

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