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The “Heart” of Fountain City

Over the last few years, Knoxville has been booming. People from all over the country are coming to Knoxville for its beauty and rich history. Within the greater Knoxville area are many small towns. Each has its own backstory, hidden gems, and stories that most have not heard about. Fountain City is one of those […]

A Brief History of Downtown Knoxville’s Iconic Skyline

As a member of the Knoxville community, have you ever wondered how the city skyline came together to be such an iconic part of the city’s history? Knoxville is a city with deep rooted history and great people, which makes it one of the best places to be. The development of the Knoxville city skyline […]

Farmers Markets in Knoxville

Market Square Knoxville has many great things to do in your free time and one of them is going to farmers markets. There are many locations throughout Knoxville that have lots of food, clothes, accessories, etc. They are filled with local businesses and this is a great way to show your support!  The Market Square […]

How Tennessee Became Known As The Volunteer State

How Tennessee Became Known As The Volunteer State Just after 15 years of statehood, Tennessee had a big role in sending 1,500 soldiers to the War of 1812. This is where the nickname, the Volunteers came from, but Tennessee did not stop there. The Volunteers nickname became more appropriate when Tennessee was asked for 2,800 […]

How The “Scruffy City” Got Its Name

Knoxville is widely known for its many attractions. The beautiful Great Smoky Mountains, its great sports scene, and amazing food are among the most popular. With its numerous attractions, it is hard for locals and tourists to stay away. It hasn’t been such an attractive city forever, though. Knoxville’s nickname, “The Scruffy City”, is a […]

Shopping in Knoxville, TN: The Best Local Spots!

We wanted to share some of the best local spots for shopping in Knoxville! You can find great merchandise, gifts, snacks, and so much more in all of these places. Check out some of the team’s favorites! Mast General Store Hey! My name is Keleigh my favorite local place to go shopping in Knoxville is […]

Your store for Knoxville shirts – Welcome to Wearknox!

Welcome to our Shop! This website is part of a class project. On this site we are selling Knoxville shirts. My students in the Strategic Digital Marketing Course at the University of Tennessee Knoxville will spend the fall semester coming up with content for this blog, creating our social media accounts, and running paid campaigns […]

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