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Family Easter Activities in Knoxville

Check out this list of family Easter activities in Knoxville! With Easter right around the corner, there is so many activities for you to choose from! Family Easter Donut Making Instead of decorating eggs on Easter, try your hand at making some festive Doughnuts! The Cutting Edge Classroom in West Knoxville is holding an Easter […]

Things To Do In Market Square

Things to do in Market Square You and your friends finally get some free time and are trying to find something fun to do?  Not sure where to go or what to do? We’ve got you covered! Head over to Knoxville’s Market Square where you can find endless delicious food, great people, music, shopping, and […]

Best Knoxville Neighborhoods

Knoxville has a unique range of neighborhoods. From historical buildings and vibrant parks, to delicious cuisine, each neighborhood in Knoxville has something special to offer. If you’re looking for a new place in Knoxville to explore, we’ve got you covered! Bearden Bearden is an old community with a rich history dating all the way back […]

The World’s Fair 40th Anniversary

In 1982, 40 years ago this year, Knoxville held the World’s Fair. 11 million people came to Knoxville to experience the hospitality of East Tennessee and cultures from around the world. The World’s Fair Anniversary is a very special event for Knoxville! In this blog post we want to cover: History of the event How […]

5 Best Knoxville Coffee Shops

Honey Bee Coffee Enjoy specialty coffee at Honeybee Coffee. They source top-quality coffee beans, roast them perfectly, and serve them at four locations across the Knoxville area. Unlike others, Honeybee Coffee stands out with the art designs in their lattes and relaxing atmosphere for all coffee lovers. These features are what make Honey Bee one […]

Biking Events in Knoxville: Top 5 Local Bike Month Activities

It’s almost bike month in Tennessee! This May, join us for the best biking events in Knoxville. May is about getting active and enjoying the outside world around us. Knoxville features beautiful sites that make bike month special. This year we’ll show a variety of locations or bike events you can get involved in. 1. […]

Interesting Facts About Knoxville Tennessee

Have you wondered how Knoxville got its name? Why it is named the “Underwear Capital of the World”?Or what is Boomsday? All of the answers to these questions, and more, are in the article below. Check out some of these interesting facts about Knoxville Tennessee to learn more about the city. Some of these facts […]

Tennessee Alumni Gifts

Tennessee Alumni are a vital part of our institution. They add value through their success in their careers, Gifts, volunteering, recruiting, and much more. It is important to acknowledge these contributions and continue to build a relationship with these individuals. Picking out gifts for someone is always stressful, we are here to guide you through […]

The Must-Do, Must-See Places to Visit in Knoxville

It’s no secret that Knoxville has plenty of attractions and things to do to keep almost any visitor busy. If you’re planning to take a trip, you’ll definitely want to visit some of our favorite places to visit here in Knoxville, TN. Neyland Stadium Home to the University of Tennessee Volunteers football team, Neyland Stadium […]

UT Football Game Day

Knoxville is home to the University of Tennessee Volunteers and Knoxville is known for UT football game day. From September to November, every home game Saturday, you can expect to experience Rocky Top constantly blaring in the distance, a city encompassed in UT orange and white, and fans who (quite literally) never give up hope […]

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