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Biking Events in Knoxville: Top 5 Local Bike Month Activities

It’s almost bike month in Tennessee! This May, join us for the best biking events in Knoxville. May is about getting active and enjoying the outside world around us. Knoxville features beautiful sites that make bike month special. This year we’ll show a variety of locations or bike events you can get involved in.

1. Spokeswomen Biking Club

The Spokeswomen Biking club’s goal is to offer a safe, physical outdoor activity for women to bond. The group rides every Saturday in the fall and winter, and also has weekly routes every Wednesday. They welcome all rider levels, beginner to experienced. In addition, this biking event helps women build relationships and network while being active. There is no registration required, they just ask that you bring your own bike, helmet, and any other necessities like water, etc. be sure to like them on Facebook and follow their social media accounts for weekly updates!

2. Sip a Little, Give a Little (Charity for Bikes)

Next, at the Printshop Beer Co. every Tuesday night during May, they have a fundraiser for many bike organizations. Every beer purchased a dollar goes to multiple charities including Kickstand and Knox Loves Bikes. This event has raised a slew of funds for charities around Knoxville. It is an event for outgoing bikers to spread love to the community of biking. Additionally, there is no registration fee and the cost depends on how thirsty you are!

3. Knox Bike Swap and Show Event

On May 1st, Two Bikes and Central Filling Station are partnering up to kick off National Bike Month with their annual Knox Bike Swap and Show. Bikers are welcome to buy, sell, and trade bicycles and parts as well as enter their bikes to win prizes in categories such as Best Vintage and Mondern Road Bike, Best Vintage and Modern Mountain Bike, Best Alt Bike, and more! Attendance is free and participants can enter up to two bikes in the contests at no cost. However, those interested in selling will need to pay a $10 registration fee to secure a table. Check out the Knox Bike Swap and Show event page for the full schedule and registration information!

4. Bike to School/Work Day

During the second week of May, Knoxville encourages residents to ride a bike to work or school. This will allow us to actively help the environment by reducing the amount of fossil fuels we would use. This day will be a great way for people to get exercise and enjoy the warm spring weather of May. Parents are also encouraged to ride their bikes with their kids to school on this day as well. The goal of this event is to just switch up the way that we typically get around the city for the day. This fun alternative allows the community to feel like a unit as everyone rides their bikes to their destination.

5. Ijams Nature Center Bike Trails

Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville is a nonprofit environmental education center that helps protect, preserve, and conserve the 315 acres of land. Knoxville’s “urban wilderness” provides more than 12 bike trails for the public to use. The trails were founded by the Appalachian Mountain Bike Club who promote sustainable trail access for off road cyclists since the majority of the trails are not paved. They have designed the trails for cyclists to ride sensitively and responsibly to protect the environment and trails for others. At the visitor center, people can rent bikes and helmets at different rates per hour. To learn more about the trails and find maps, visit the website for more information.

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