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Best Kept Secrets of Knoxville

Visiting Knoxville or just want to try someone new places? We’ve curated a list of the Best Kept Secrets with restaurants, Peter Kern Library “>bars, and Glitterville “>stores that go beyond the beaten path.


A family owned and operated Italian Restaurant, stands out as one of the only BYOW restaurants in Knoxville. Savelli’s offers an intimate, neighborhood feel in its candlelit dining room, where Italy’s finest sounds background and celebrating among loved ones with your favorite bottle of wine.


Glitterville Studio Store - Glitterville Studios

The Glitterville Studio Store, as glittery as its name suggests, is a fun and colorful shop for home and holiday decor, making it a must-visit when wandering around Knoxville.

Pioneer House

Experience a combination of letterpress and western vintage that you’ve never seen before! Walk around to witness the letterpress process in action and explore their magnificent hand picked vintage pieces!

Big Ed’s

Since 1970, a family has owned this bustling pizza joint, renowned for its delicious pizza made from the original recipe. They exclusively offer pizza and drinks but consistently draw crowds every day of the week. They stick with what they are known for, and there’s a reason for it!

Token Game Tavern– Best Kept Secret

Token is a relaxed spot featuring old-school arcade & board games, pinball machines, cocktails, and casual bites. The location offers full service bar and restaurant with local and craft beers, fresh squeezed cocktails, popping sodas, and slushies! This is a top Best Kept Secrets of Knoxville for families and friends!

Peter Kern Library

Tucked away within the walls of the historic Kern Building, lies Knoxville’s exclusive speakeasy! What once was a closely guarded secret has flourished into a treasured gem of the city. Stepping into this unique establishment, guests are greeted by the enchanting ambiance of the dark wood accents, a crackling fireplace, shelves decorated with books, and cocktails named after beloved literary characters!

Aretha Frankensteins

This spot gained popularity for its unique elements, such as the squeeze bottle of apple butter at every table and Frankenstein tchotchkes. It was named after legendary singer Aretha Franklin and fictional science components. You will also find many unique menu items at the fun breakfast spot, such as “Waffles of Insane Greatness” or “Elephants Gerald.”

Three Rivers Market

This locally-owned, independent, and organic grocery store has been serving the Knoxville community since 1981! Offering a diverse selection of naturally-grown food, from fresh produce to handcrafted chocolates and teas, Three Rivers Market prides themselves on providing an extensive range of healthy and delicious options.

The Vault-Best Kept Secret

Get below the surface to a swanky cocktail lounge reminiscent of old Hollywood, in the Vault of the former Holston Bank! Historic venues, globally inspired food, small-batch cocktails:  This probably that best kept secrets of Knoxville, always elevated and never fussy!

Monkey’s Bar

Knoxville’s new favorite hangout in the heart of Old City! The bar is more than just a place to grab a drink, it’s a welcoming space where you can hangout with friends, make new ones and immerse yourself in all around good vibes while enjoying delicious cocktails!

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