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Being A Student During Covid

Hello, Welcome to WearKnox! We are students at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville currently studying strategic digital marketing. With the demand for digital marketers only growing, we are able to get a head start in building our digital marketing experience. This class allows us to create our own content and be creative! This semester, due to COVID, we are working solely online. Attending classes during a pandemic creates a variety of challenges that we are not accustomed to as students. In order to overcome these challenges, we have listed below five tips on how to successfully complete a virtual class!

Communication Is Key

Communicating with team members when you aren’t able to meet face to face can be a challenge. In order to succeed, you need to figure out alternative forms of communication. We recommend communicating through GroupMe, Remo, or using google docs that can be shared with everyone. For example, Remo is the main source of communication for groups in our class. Remo separates us into groups or “tables” and allows us to jump from one group to another to communicate. This adjustment has been a good experience and has prepared us to overcome challenges that we may face in our future careers. Here is a picture below of what Remo looks like!

Coming Prepared

During a pandemic, people are never really sure of what is going to happen next. Working virtually can throw everyone for a loop and to be honest we are all still trying to figure out how it works. Students may be unsure how to navigate through zoom or any other online software that is used. It is helpful to learn how the software works and how to use it at the beginning of the semester. Oftentimes, people’s video chats might crash or lose connection. To help prevent this from happening, you need to ensure that you are in a location with secure wifi connection prior to meetings. Before class check your laptop to make sure everything is up and running, so that if there is an issue you are able to contact your instructor beforehand. Since everyone is still adjusting and learning how to manage meetings virtually, it is important to have patience with your classmates. If technical difficulties arise, teammates should help you work through these issues and be understanding.

Managing At-Home Distractions

It’s no secret that working in different environments has an affect on the quality of work that is put forth. Attending class over zoom can result in you easily getting distracted. These distractions might include: having a TV on or having music in the background, getting caught up in chores, or having to deal with a needy pet who just so happens to want to sit right on your laptop while you’re trying to type a blog article. The best way to help you prevent getting distracted, is to put yourself in an environment where there aren’t any disruptions surrounding you. You should make sure you are in a room alone and turn off any TV’s or background noises while in class. One of the most important key tips that will help you stay fully engaged, is to put your phone away. It is easy to find yourself getting off track if you have your phone sitting right there with you. If you put your phone away, you won’t be tempted to get on it and can direct your focus to the class. All of these tactics will help eliminate any outside distractions and give you the best learning experience on zoom. 

Improving Time Management

Attending class virtually gives you the ability to make your own schedule and have more flexibility. It is important to hold yourself accountable and not fall behind. To stay on top of your assignments it is best to create a weekly schedule for yourself to follow at the beginning of every week. You can use an agenda to write down all of your current and upcoming assignments to stay organized. You should frequently be checking canvas or any other online tool that your instructor uses to look for any announcements and upcoming due dates. Set reminders for yourself throughout the week to decrease the chance of you forgetting about a task. Students should fully commit to their virtual classes and treat it as if it were a normal face to face class. 

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