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Farmers Markets in Knoxville

Market Square Knoxville has many great things to do in your free time and one of them is going to farmers markets. There are many locations throughout Knoxville that have lots of food, clothes, accessories, etc. They are filled with local businesses and this is a great way to show your support!  The Market Square […]

How Tennessee Became Known As The Volunteer State

How Tennessee Became Known As The Volunteer State Just after 15 years of statehood, Tennessee had a big role in sending 1,500 soldiers to the War of 1812. This is where the nickname, the Volunteers came from, but Tennessee did not stop there. The Volunteers nickname became more appropriate when Tennessee was asked for 2,800 […]

How The “Scruffy City” Got Its Name

Knoxville is widely known for its many attractions. The beautiful Great Smoky Mountains, its great sports scene, and amazing food are among the most popular. With its numerous attractions, it is hard for locals and tourists to stay away. It hasn’t been such an attractive city forever, though. Knoxville’s nickname, “The Scruffy City”, is a […]

In Dolly We Trust

A Birthday Wish This past January, fellow East Tennesseans everywhere celebrated our beloved Dolly Parton’s 75th birthday. Her birthday wish? A call for kindness. For many members of the volunteer state, this hospitality comes naturally. With a yes ma’am and no sir ingrained in our vocabulary, we understand southern charm. Dolly encouraged us all to […]

New Year, New UT Coach, Your Same Favorite Knoxville Team

What’s the Buzz? Have you heard? All the talk around Knoxville, and the entire state of Tennessee, is about the University of Tennessee’s new football head coach, Josh Heupel! Students, fans, and players all have high hopes for what’s to come in UT’s football future! Heupel is extremely qualified and is determined to get the […]

Much Love for WearKnox

    This year, Knoxville spread love for Valentine’s Day through the “Much Love” campaign! Without a doubt, this campaign created by The Downtown Knoxville Alliance in partnership with the City of Knoxville and Dogwood Arts started a fun new tradition for the community.  During the week, everyone from long-time Knoxvillians to new visitors was encouraged […]

Coffee Shops in Knoxville

Knoxville is notoriously known for their wide range of local businesses- one of them being coffee shops. Whether you are catching up with a friend or solely rejuvenating for the day, here are a few of our favorite shops you have to check out in Knoxville. Awaken Coffee Awaken Coffee is a small local coffee […]

Dress well, test well, & zoom well?

PJs are great, but dress well, test well still applies. In the age where zooming is booming it is easy to be lazy. We are all guilty of staying in our PJs for too many hours during the day. Growing up I always heard the phrase “dress well, test well.” This blog post is going […]

Where to WearKnox: Knoxville Hiking Locations

Due to the ongoing pandemic, it is important to find outdoor activities that keep us busy and healthy! There are many Knoxville hiking locations that provide beautiful views of East Tennessee. Listed below are some of the best and most well known Knoxville hiking locations! House Mountain- 5.8 miles This scenic overlook over beautiful mountains […]

How Knoxville, Tennessee Got Its Own Sun

Knoxville, Tennessee, is known for a variety of different things. These include the Tennessee Volunteers football team, its famous Gay Street, Market Square plaza, and of course, the Sunsphere. Whether you grow up here or just come to make a quick visit, the Sunsphere is always a sight to see. Besides the intricate structure, the […]

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