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Best Places to Visit in Knoxville

As spring and summertime roll around in Knoxville, there are plenty of activities to get you out and explore the city. From eateries, to downtown squares, museums, activities, and the outdoors, Knoxville has a lot to offer. There can be an overwhelming amount of activities to enjoy, but we have outlined the 5 best places in Knoxville to visit this Friday. 

1. Marble City Market

Marble City Market is a new dining hub in Knoxville. They have endless cuisine options, including BBQ, pizza, pasta, and much more. With two Top Golf swing simulators, a full bar, and a lot of seating, this is the perfect place for a night out in Knoxville. Thus, Marble City Market is a great option if you don’t know what you want to eat or if you’re just wanting to grab a drink with a friend.

Our Recommendation: Try the Myrtle’s Bakehouse after your meal! They are the best cookies in Knoxville!

2. Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame

Do you love sports? Then check out the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame! Located at 700 S Hall of Fame Drive in Knoxville, the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame makes for a great experience for the whole family. Learn more about the people who paved the way for women in sports, while also celebrating those currently playing or coaching. Moreover, the Hall of Fame also serves as a great venue for events such as birthdays, reunions, and various meetings. Icons such as Geno Auriemma, Tamika Catchings, and the late Tennessee basketball legend Pat Summit, the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame is a great look at the history of the game, and what the future holds!

Our Recommendation: Test your basketball skills on one of three basketball courts inside the building!

3. Lakeshore Park

Lakeshore Park is a public recreational park in Knoxville that is home to playgrounds, walking trails, soccer fields, fishing, open fields for picnicking, and beautiful views of the river. On the walking trail by the river, you can even enjoy a beautiful view of the neighboring Smoky Mountains. More recently, Lakeshore opened an observatory deck for patrons to enjoy the spanning view of the park and opened a sitting area as well. This park is a great place to meet with friends and family or find some alone time in this beautiful city. If you are interested in more ways to explore the outdoors in Knoxville, check out our blog post on Knoxville trails!

Lakeshore park

Our Recommendation: Bring some watercolors and paint the view with a friend!

4. Market Square

Market Square is one of the best places to visit when visiting Knoxville. Located in the middle of downtown Knoxville, this park is minutes away from the University of Tennessee. It offers many great restaurants, shopping, and places to grab some drinks with friends or family. During summer months, Market Square holds outdoor activities such as outdoor movies, live music, and amazing festivals. It even holds Farmer’s Market events every Wednesday and Saturdays from May to November.

Our Recommendation: Visit local Knoxville companies at the weekly Saturday Farmer’s Market!

5. Maple Hall

Maple Hall is one of the most popular activities in Knoxville. It is an underground bowling alley located downtown on Gay Street, sure to provide tons of fun! Again, this spot is unique and unlike any other bowling experience I’ve ever had. Upstairs has a cocktail lounge with life sized board games and a patio. Furthermore, downstairs is where you can find the 11 lanes and lounge areas. Between every turn, you can relax on a leather couch and can order food and drinks. Each lane can hold up to 6 guests, and there are a few private rooms available for rent as well. Overall, it was the best bowling experience I’ve ever had, and I will definitely be going back again.

Maple Hall Bowling

Our Recommendation: Rent the backroom and celebrate your loved one’s birthday!

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