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5 Best Knoxville Coffee Shops

Honey Bee Coffee

Enjoy specialty coffee at Honeybee Coffee. They source top-quality coffee beans, roast them perfectly, and serve them at four locations across the Knoxville area. Unlike others, Honeybee Coffee stands out with the art designs in their lattes and relaxing atmosphere for all coffee lovers. These features are what make Honey Bee one of the best coffee shops in Knoxville.

K Brew Coffee & Bagels

K Brew has become one of the best coffee shops in Knoxville over the years. What was once a dream has now turned into a thriving business with four locations. Nowadays many professionals go to K Brew to find a quiet place to work and enjoy a cup of coffee. In addition to your favorite coffee, you can enjoy freshly made bagels! One thing that makes K Brew unique is that both owners are graduates of the University of Tennessee who stayed local after graduation.

The Golden Roast Coffee Roasters

The Golden Roast has become one of the best coffee shops among college students with a location right beside the University of Tennessee. First of all this cozy atmosphere makes it the perfect spot for a coffee date in Knoxville. Secondly, unlike many other coffee shops, The Golden Roast roasts its coffee beans locally and offers its gourmet coffee blends to purchase. Lastly, visit https://wearknox.com/product-category/home/ to purchase a WearKnox mug to enjoy your locally sourced gourmet coffee blends.

Mahalo Coffee Roasters

Mahalo Coffee Roasters is a family-owned coffee shop located on Union Avenue. First of all this shop is inspired by the island of Kauai in Hawaii and provides freshly roasted coffee in a peaceful environment. Students can enjoy a nice cup of coffee during a study session, or even purchase high-quality coffee to prepare for themselves at home. Some of the favorite brews include a simple Iced Latte and the Oat Milk Cortado. 

Capybara Coffee

Capybara Coffee is a local specialty coffee shop located in the University Commons right next to the University of Tennessee. This place is the perfect spot to get away from campus and work on some homework or go on a brunch date! They are known for their nature-themed atmosphere and exceptional customer service. Without a doubt, the brown sugar latte is a fan favorite!

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